Newnham College Conference 2014

The Newnham College (University of Cambridge) Graduate Multidisciplinary Conference, of which I am one of the two main organisers in 2014, is a one-day event for all Newnham graduates at all stages of their academic career to practice presenting their research in a comfortable environment and to audiences of different disciplines. It is an opportunity for students of all disciplines to share their research interest, form collaborations, and learn something new from others! A range of successful women in Cambridge are invited as guest speakers to pass on the lessons they have learnt along the way and inspire female students who are trying to navigate their own careers.        

Alumnae, college fellows, as well as undergraduates are also invited. For the latter, this will be their chance to see the range of research possibilities in Cambridge and if they are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree. On the whole, the event aims to bring together all members of the college fellows, postgraduates and undergraduates as well as alumnae – in a relaxed, yet intellectual setting.

 In summary, the conference aims to:

1) Serve as a platform for graduate members from different disciplines to present, exchange, and gain constructive feedback on complex research ideas;

2) Foster communication and collaboration between graduate students who may be tackling the same issue from a different perspective;

3) Bring together successful women researchers from different disciplines who would like to share their experience and insights; with the intention to inspire a wide range of women students to pursue their ambitions and achieve their potential within Cambridge. This year, we took great care in inviting as our guest speakers successful women featured in the newly-released book  “The meaning of Success”, which was compiled to highlight the work of women at Cambridge University. More information at:

The aim is to ultimately take this to a university-level conference, involving students from across the colleges promoting greater diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. 

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