Current research

Research activities in the Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery division of the Cambridge Department of Engineering are associated with acoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, energy use and generation, fluid mechanics and turbomachinery. In our research group, led by Professor Stewart Cant, current research focuses on the computational modelling of turbulent and chemically reacting flows in the context of the aerospace gas turbine industry.

My research focus is primarily on simulating computationally jet fuel injection inside engines’ combustion chamber and its application in the case of Rolls-Royce plc. civil aircraft engines. In particular, we are interested in simulating the liquid fuel-film atomisation in fuel injector devices. The complexity of the physics involved has curbed the research growth in the field. Improving combustion is critical for the next generation of aircraft in order to lower the fuel consumption and reduce pollutant emissions. A detailed understanding of the atomisation process in two-phase flows is still a missing link in effectively controlling the process of fuel atomisation as well as fuel ignition and combustion under all possible operating conditions.

My research programme sets out to provide an assessment of the phenomenology observed during primary atomisation using a novel in-house state-of-the-art multiphase flow modelling capability**, to continue gaining valuable knowledge and experience within the fields of hydrodynamics, fluid instabilities and turbulence with the ultimate goal of addressing significant scientific issues of notable challenge.

The particular emphasis in this research is directed towards improving the fundamental understanding of  laminar and turbulent atomisation of liquid fuel, evaporation and combustion of sprays, as well as advanced numerical methods for the simulation of complex, turbulent, multiphase flows, as a fundamental engineering tool for computer-aided design and optimisation of fuel injector devices.

Programming languages: Fortran77/90, C++, Python
Softwares: Matlab, OpenFoam

** Thibault Pringuey and R. Stewart Cant, CiCP, 2012
     Thibault Pringuey and R. Stewart Cant, CiCP, 2014