About me


Photograph © Nic Marchant

I grew up in Strasbourg, France, and moved to St Andrews, UK, in 2008 to study Astrophysics at the University of St Andrews. After graduating from St Andrews in June 2012 with a M.Sci. degree in Astrophysics (First Class Honours; SELEX Galileo 2012 prize for the best Astrophysics Masters thesis), I moved to Cambridge, UK, in September 2012 to undertake a comprehensive program of graduate teaching and research (M.Phil. in Energy Technologies), for which I was funded by an Airbus Group TechMasters Award scholarship. In this broad program, students have the opportunity to learn and integrate multiple engineering disciplines. The curriculum emphazised renewable energies, combustion, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence and management in technology, among other disciplines. I graduated with distinction from this M.Phil. and then undertook a Ph.D. program in the Energy and Fluids group in the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Professor Stewart Cant on the numerical simulation of fuel injection in jet engines.

A comprehensive resume can be downloaded here.

I am looking for opportunities as a PostDoc involving computational fluid dynamics research. I also have a high interest in joining the aerospace industrial sector and am looking for opportunities in simulation and modelling.