Welcome to my personal website.  I am a former Astrophysics student from the University of St Andrews who soon became fascinated by astrophysical fluid dynamics, which includes blast waves, accretion, stellar winds and disk instabilities among others. Although I began my academic life as an astrophysicist, I transferred to the University of Cambridge in 2012 to study fluids in the context of the aerospace and power-generation sectors of industry. I graduated with distinction from an MPhil in Energy Technologies and am now working as a Ph.D. student on the numerical simulation of fuel injection in jet engines (fluid dynamics/multiphase flow modelling). This Ph.D. is part of the University Gas Turbine Partnership between the University of Cambridge and Rolls-Royce plc.

I intend to graduate in the summer of 2017 and  I am looking for opportunities as a PostDoc involving computational fluid dynamics research. I also have a high interest in joining the aerospace industrial sector and am looking for opportunities in simulation and modelling.

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