Welcome to my personal website.  I am a former Astrophysics student from the University of St Andrews who soon became fascinated by astrophysical fluid dynamics, which includes blast waves, accretion, stellar winds and disk instabilities among others. Although I began my academic life as an astrophysicist, I transferred to the University of Cambridge in 2012 to study fluids in the context of the aerospace and power-generation sectors of industry. I graduated with distinction from an MPhil in Energy Technologies before completing my Ph.D. in the summer 2017 on the numerical simulation of fuel injection in jet engines (fluid dynamics/multiphase flow modelling). This Ph.D. was part of the University Gas Turbine Partnership between the University of Cambridge and Rolls-Royce plc.

My current research at Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd. focuses on occupant modelling with particular interest in biodynamic modelling of the head/neck system and the dynamic response to an ejection scenario. With the addition of small female aircrew to the ejection seat population and with the addition of helmet mounted displays to ejection seat aircraft, the risk of neck injury has become one of the principle concerns to the ejection community. Biofidelic manikin/human body models are valuable tools for assessing the safety potential of ejection systems and their occupant. Biodynamics model must be developed, verified, validated and accredited using a variety of test/live ejection and injury databases.


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